Statoil's gas discovery at Blåmann could in the future supply Hammerfest LNG plant. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Hoped for oil, found gas

“This is not the result were hoping for,” says Jez Averty with Statoil after latest Barents Sea drilling.
July 20, 2017


The gas discovery was made in the Blåmann well, between the Snøhvit natural gas field and Goliat oil field in the western part of the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea.

Statoil reports recoverable volumes are estimated at 23 billion standard cubic metres, or approximately 10-20 million barrels of oil equivalent.

The company, having its most extensive drilling season in the Barents Sea, is disappointed.

“We were exploring for oil and this is not the result we were hoping for,” says Jez Averty, senior vice president for exploration in Norway and the UK.

Averty, however, says the gas discovery “has the potential to contribute additional resources to the Snøhvir project.”

Snøhvit is Statoil’s gas field supplying the world’s northernmost operating liquid natural gas plant in Hammerfest on Norway’s Barents Sea coast.

The Blåmann well, now plugged, is located some 21 kilometres southeast of the Snøhvit field.


Statoil continues its drilling campaign and the rig “Songa Enabler” is already on the move towards the Hoop area further north in the Barents Sea.


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