Baby girl saves mother from roof avalanche

18 months girl holds her mother’s arm and starts to walk backwards. Like she knew something dangerous was coming in the air.
March 04, 2018

The unique situation was filmed by a surveillance camera on the building belonging to the town administration of Vidyaevo, a closed naval town on Russia’s Kola Peninsula.

The incident happened on Thursday, March 1 and the video was released after the prosecutor’s office in Murmansk region initiated an investigation trying to figure out if anyone could be blamed for not removing the snow from the roof of the building, regional news agencies Severpost and B-port report.

As could be seen in the film, the little girl holding her mother’s arm starts to walk backwards, dragging her mother a few steps away from what seconds later is the center of the heavy load of snow falling down from the roof. 

The other woman, who got most of the snow avalanche over her was knocked down, but manage to rise up again and are reportedly not hurt. The little girl and her mother did not get hurt either. 

The town Vidyaevo is one of the homeports for Russia’s fleet of nuclear powered submarines. The ill-fated “Kursk” submarine was based in Vidyaevo until she sank in the Barents Sea in August 200, killing all 118 crew members. 


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