Barents Observer apologizes to Magnus Roth

In May this year, the Barents Observer republished a blog post by Bloger51 in Murmansk about distribution of Russian fish quota rights. The blog text refers to court documents reading that businessman Magnus Roth was a key partner Russian billionaire Vitaly Orlov. Mr. Roth says through his lawyer that it is untrue that he is a key partner to Vitaly Orlov.
October 25, 2018

The Barents Observer apologizes for not contacting Magnus Roth in order to give him the rights to simultaneously reply to the information. Roth says his relations with Orlov ended in 2016.

The blog text further referred to information outed by Arktik-TV in Murmansk claiming Roth does not pay taxes in countries where he has businesses or lives. This is undocumented accusations and we are sorry for linking the source of the accusations.

Consequently, the Barents Observer has unpublished the blog post.