The "Akademik Pashin" fueling two naval vessels. Photo:

Northern Fleet’s new multipurpose Arctic tanker starts service in Barents Sea

The «Akademik Pashin» can simultaneously provide three vessels with fuels and other goods while sailing at open sea.
December 30, 2019


The 130 meter long ship built at the Nevsky Yard in St.Petersburg was on the 25th December handed over to the Northern Fleet, the most powerful of Russia’s naval forces.

Tanker “Akademik Pashin”. Photo:

Five days later, it was officially included in the Navy, the Northern Fleet press service informs.

The «Akademik Pashin» is the first tanker in several decades built exclusively for the Russian Navy. It has a deadweight of 9,000 tons and ice class Arc4, which enables it to operate in the icy waters of the north.

It is believed to be able to operate autonomously for up to 60 days.

According to the shipyard, the tanker is capable of simultaneously providing up to three ships with fuels and other materials. It can carry diesel fuel, heavy oil (mazut), kerosine, fresh water, as well as dry cargo and technical equipment.

The «Akademik Pashin» arrived in Murmansk already in July 2019 and has since undergone testing in northern waters. In October, the ship provided 3 tons of dry cargo and 40 tons of liquid goods to battle cruiser «Pyotr Veliky» in the Barents Sea under difficult weather conditions.


There was high waves and 10-15 meter per second winds and the two ships sailed at 12 knots speed during the operation, the Northern Fleet informed.


Tanker “Akademik Pashin” fueling battle cruiser “Pyotr Veliky”. Photo:



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