Tightening the screws against Russian state officials. Possibly also in regions, like Murmansk. Photo: Atle Staalesen

A state of paranoia is embracing Russian government officials

In a bid to curb dissent in the state apparatus, the Kremlin establishes units that can promote patriotism and report on the "emotional climate" in all government bodies and state companies.
April 29, 2022


There will be even less room for independent thought and free discussion among employees in the Russian state sector as the Kremlin signals it want to crack down on potential dissent in government ministries, state companies and public service.

In the near future will be established positions on “information and politics” in all key institutions, members of the Russian Presidential Administration make clear.

The people appointed to lead the work will serve as deputy heads of the respective public structures, Kommersant reports

Among their key responsibilities will be to report on the “emotional climate” and mindsets among employees, the newspaper informs with reference to sources in the Kremlin.

They will also make sure that the government bodies follow up Putin’s propaganda.

The measure is taken as Putin and his presidential administration  reportedly has revealed serious “loyalty problems” in a number of key government structures.

An employee in a state-controlled organization told Kommersant that there have already been appointed a number of people that make sure that the employees support the armed forces and that pro-war “visual contents” are on display in the organization.


“So far, they do not force us, but propose that we put on display these posters in the premises,” the person said. He also confirms that the employees are encouraged to take part in patriotic flashmobs, sport events and other activities that show support for the armed forces.

The establishment of the new units is a return to the practice applied in the Soviet period, when informers in practically all parts of society reported on potential “deviations” from state ideology and political practice.

A similar system has already for several years been active in the Russian Armed Forces. In 2018, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu established the Main Military-Political Authority that is to make sure that patriotic propaganda and agitation is follow up in all military units.

The authority also works with “the formation of the personal intellectual conviction of the soldiers,” the Russian Armed Forces informs.

From 2018 the Authority was headed by Andrei Kartapolov. As the general was elected to the State Duma in 2021, the leadership of the Authority was transferred to General Gennady Zhidko.

Kartapolov today chairs the State Duma Committee on Defense.




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