Censors for auto-piloting on the roof. Photo: Gazprom

Russian Gazprom Neft launches driverless trucks in the Arctic

The new technology is supposed to help to avoid truck driver shortages, increase road safety and efficiency, experts say.
May 08, 2023


Russian oil and gas company Gazprom reported it has begun to use self-driving cars to deliver cargos in the Arctic tundra across the 140 km route at Gydan peninsula. 

The route connects the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye oilfield with the Tazovsky settlement.

The driverless truck. Photo by: Gazprom 

“The use of driverless vehicles will increase the efficiency of the logistics of the company’s northern fields and increase the volume of supplies of the necessary equipment and materials,” Gazprom Neft reported.

According to Gazprom, the driverless trucks, that are produced by the Russian Kamaz, are equipped with a satellite navigation system and could detect an obstacle within 200 meters on its way. 

The driverless truck. Photo by: Gazprom 


The trucks are also capable of differentiating a moving object from a stable one and create a digital route.


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