Direct flights between London and Ivalo start in December 2024. Photo: British Airways

BA launches flights from London to Finland's northernmost airport

Starting in December 2024, it will be possible to fly between London and Ivalo in Finnish Lapland twice a week.
June 08, 2024


Finnish Lapland has in recent years become a popular winter destination for tourists. Next winter it will be possible to take the plane from the United Kingdom’s capital to Ivalo in Finnish Lapland, Finavia reports in a press release.
The British Airways’ subsidiary BA Euroflyer will launch scheduled flights from London Gatwick Airport to Ivalo. The route will be flown twice a week next winter, starting in December 2024.

BA Euroflyer will fly the route on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 3 December 2024 to14 February 2025.

“Regular scheduled flights are very important for the accessibility of both Lapland and Finland as a whole. At Finavia, we do a lot of work with airlines and other partners to develop routes. We are delighted to celebrate yet another new route and to welcome the London route to Ivalo Airport,” says Petri Vuori, Finavia’s SVP responsible for route development.

Thus far it has been possible to fly to Ivalo from London Heathrow, via Helsinki.



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