Design drafts of the "Lider". Illistrations:

Government says new monster icebreaker will become reality

It can break through five meter thick ice and escort large-size tankers through Arctic waters.
December 16, 2016


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin this week confirmed that the Krylov design bureau has officially been commissioned with the development of the «Lider», and that the work is ongoing.

The vessel (project 10510) will open a range of opportunities, Rogozin argues.

«We will be able the break the ice at any time, in any season, in all kind of weather, under the most uncomfortable ice conditions, and provide secure escort not only to the kind of ships already operating in the Arctic zone, but also to the biggest LNG carriers with a deadweight of at least 30,000 tons», he told TASS.

The “Lider” will be able to open 50 meter wide lanes through the ice and escort ships straight from the European to the American Arctic.

Designed for Rosatomflot, the state company operating Russia’s civilian nuclear-powered vessels, the “Lider” will be 205 meter long and have a deadweight of at least 55,000 tons. It will have a nuclear powered engine based on two new-model RITM-400 with an effect of at least 110 MW.

According to Izvestia, the «Lider» will be able to break through two meter thick ice with a speed of 14 knots.


The ship will be significantly bigger than the LK-60, the icebreaker currently under construction at the Baltiisky Yard in St. Petersburg.



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