Melkøya LNG plant on the Barents Sea coast. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Electrification will cut CO2 emissions to zero at Hammerfest LNG

Petroleum company Equinor and partners on Tuesday submitted a billions-worth investment plan to upgrade production and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions at Europe's northernmost production plant for liquid natural gas (LNG).
December 20, 2022


Hammerfest LNG, located on Melkøya, is one of Norway’s largest polluter of CO2.

“We are converting to electric operations at Melkøya, thereby reducing annual emissions of CO2 by around 850,000 tonnes [per year],” says Grete B. Haaland, senior vice president for Exploration and production north.

Today’s gas turbine generators will be replaced with power lines from shore.

The project’s emissions reduction corresponds to 2% of Norway’s annual emissions.

A new 420 kV power line north to Hammerfest will provide higher grid capacity. A rippling effect could be new industries developing in the region.

Hammerfest LNG is processing gas from the Snøhvit field in the Barents Sea and has been in operation since 2007. Last week Equinor added the Askeladd satellite field to the subsea pipes from Snøhvit, a move that will bring additional 18 billion cubic meters of gas to the energy-hungry markets in Europe.

The upgrade plans for the processing plant have an estimated price tag of 13,2 billion kroner (€1,26 billion) and will secure production beyond 2030.


The project “will strengthen Norway’s position as a reliable and long-term supplier of LNG to Europe,” says Geir Tungesvik, Equinor’s executive vice-president for Projects, Drilling and Procurement.


Hammerfest LNG is important for the supply of gas to Europe. Photo: Thomas Nilsen


Three large new modules will be installed at the plant and other equipment will undergo extensive modifications.

Hammerfest LNG reopened production in May after a 20-months shutdown following a serious fire in September 2020. 


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