Admiral Robert D. Papp speaking at the Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromsø. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

”Arctic is top priority for USA”

There is a new sense of urgency in the White House about Arctic affairs, Admiral Papp says in his address at the Arctic Frontiers.
January 25, 2016


Speaking to an audience of Arctic policymakers, researchers and journalists in Tromsø, Norway, the US. Special Representative for the Arctic underlined his country’s commitments to the region.

We support a string of measures which help prepare the Arctic for the future, Papp said, mentioning the U.S. plans for new icebreakers and the work with improved navigation tools for the region.

The US chairs the Arctic Council as the intergovernmental forum enters its 20-years anniversary. Celebrations will be held all through the year, Papp said and praised the role of the Council.

”Without the Arctic Council, I would truly be concerned about the future of our children”, he underlined, higlighting the key position of the Council in world affairs.

The US top official confirms that the next AC Ministerial meeting will be held at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. In that event, the 20-years anniversar of the Arctic will be marked and the chair handed over to Finland.

University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

The current US chairmanship program of the USA includes three main focus areas: Improving Economic & Living Conditions for Arctic Communities; Arctic Ocean Safety, Security & Stewardship; Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change.

Special Representative Admiral Robert Papp speaking at the Arctic Frontiers conference in Tromsø. Photo: Thomas Nilsen





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