Watch this: Arctic shipping operation goes very wrong

The large pipes destined for the LNG plant in Sabetta never made it across the Arctic waters.
August 24, 2016


On its way from Arkhangelsk to Sabetta, the «Valery Vasiliev» looses all its cargo into sea. Badly attached or overloaded, the several tens of large-scale pipes roll from the ship deck and down into the dark ocean.

The filming is made by one of the ship sailors, who can do little but stand by and watch. With a mix of fear and black humor the sailors take use of Russia’s rich swearing vocabulary as the pipes one by one fall into the sea.

The video was posted at YouTube on 19th August this year. But there is snow on the cargo which indicate that the incident happened in the cold season. The footage has been shown by several Russian media, among them Bloger51 and

Sabetta is Russia’s new Arctic port built primarily for the nearby Yamal LNG plant. In 2015, about three million tons of cargo was delivered to the port.



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