Head of the Norwegian Polar Institute Jan-Gunnar Winther. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

This town aims for global lead in understanding of Arctic ocean

A new research center in Tromsø, Norway, will take on the role of oceans in Arctic development.
May 11, 2017

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs on Thursday announced that five million kroner (€535.000) is granted by government to the establishment of the new center.

«We must strengthen our ability to set the agenda in issues of Arctic marine development and see inter-connections between the ocean and the Arctic», Brende says in a press release.

The announcement comes after the country in spring this year presented its new Ocean Strategy. In 2015, the government presented a Maritime Strategy and then a Master Plan on Marine Research. In 2019, the country is to host the Our Ocean international conference.

«A sustainable management of the ocean is essential for the development of the Arctic, a region which experiences increasing international attention», Foreign Minister Brenda says.

«We must make sure that Norway has world-leading knowledge about the sustainable management of resources and the effects of environmental and climate change in the Arctic, and also the relationship to our Arctic neighbor countries.»

With the new center, the town of Tromsø bolsters its position as key hub for Arctic research. From before, the town hosts the Norwegian Arctic University, the Polar Institute and a number of more institutions and companies engaged in Arctic Affairs.