Polar bear looking for nightlife

The night to Wednesday, this adult polar bear came visiting outskirts of Longyearbyen on Svalbard. Bjørn Frantzen has shared his photos with the Barents Observer.
May 23, 2018


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Bjørn Frantzen tells that the bear first ambled through Hiorthamn on the other side of Adventfjorden towards the delta in the Adventsdalen.

Slowly walking towards Longyearbyen, the bear listened curiously to the sounds from the dog kennels outside the town, crossed the river-delta and continued towards the settlement. 

The Governor on Svalbard, acting as the local police, arrived with a few cars to observe the situation. Although the bear seemed curious to what nightlife could offer in the world’s northernmost town, such visit is not much appreciated or welcomed in Longyearbyen. So, the governor’s officers briefly turned on both blue lights and sirens.

The polar bear turned around, crossed the road and headed towards Isdammen, the local reservoar for drinking water. There, the bear washed off some dirt and ambled further into the Adventdalen and disappeared into the Arctic wilderness. Quit and beautiful, Bjørn Frantzen says. 



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