A model of the proposed nuclear-powered icebreaking supply- and rescue vessel. Photo courtesy of Sudostroenie.info

Nuclear-powered multipurpose ship for Arctic operations presented

Iceberg, the design bureau responsible for Russia’s fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers, has unveiled plans for a new series of special purpose vessels to help develop the Arctic regions.
September 14, 2022


After Rosatom in 2019 officially was granted the leading role in development of Russia’s Arctic region, projects involving nuclear power are presented time and again.

Rosatom is Russia’s state nuclear corporation.

At this week’s shipping and offshore congress in St. Petersburg, the Iceberg Central Design Bureau presented its latest proposal. A multipurpose icebreaking vessel to be powered by the RITM-200 reactors.

This is the same reactor plant used onboard the new icebreakers of Project 22220, of which the “Arktika” and “Sibir” are delivered, while “Ural”, “Kamchatka” and “Yakutia” are under construction.

The new vessel design could be used for six different modifications, like shallow-water icebreaker, supply vessel to drilling platforms, rescue operations in ice-covered waters, or other tasks in Arctic waters.

Design name is Project 10570 and the vessel is 152 meters long, 31 meters wide and has a draft of up to 9,3 meters,

With the powerful reactors, navigation can take place in ice up to 2,4 meters thick, the design bureau informs. It was the shipping online Sudostoenie Info that first reported about the vessel.




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