Deputy PM Yuri Trutnev, Minister of Far East and Arctic Aleksei Chekunkov together with ministry officials returning from war. Photo: Far East Russian Federal District on Telegram

Experiences from the battlefield will be applied in Arctic, says Russian minister

Russia's Minister of the Far East and Arctic told Spetsnaz soldiers returning from the front that their experiences will be useful in the remote region.
February 08, 2024


Moscow continues to claim that it sees the Arctic as a region of peace and low tensions. Nonetheless, the country’s Arctic Ministry and its leader openly promotes war aggression and fighting in Ukraine.

This week, Minister Aleksei Chekunkov honored a group of ministry officials that had fought on the occupied land. In the group were several men that carried the insignia of Russia’s Spetsnaz forces.


Some of the officials working for state authorities in Russia’s Far East and Arctic have been fighting in Ukraine as part of Spetsnaz drone units. Photo: Far Eastern Federal District on Telegram


On their uniforms were badges indicating that they were part of a drone unit under Russia’s military intelligence.

According to the ministry, the officials had signed up as volunteer warriors and had served in the war since summer 2023.

“We will continue to use their experience that now not only includes civilian and military service, but also real battle experiences, for the development of the Far East and Arctic,” Chekunkov said.


Among their engagements could be participation in a new regional project on production of military technology and equipment, the minister explained.

The warriors that same day met also also Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who praised their fighting in the aggressive onslaught.

In addition to officials from the Ministry of the Far East and Arctic, the group included representatives of the Far Eastern Federal District Administration and the so-called Development Corporation for the Far East and Arctic.

The Ministry of the Far East and Arctic has special responsibilities for economic development in the far northern and far eastern parts of Russia, and Minister Chekunkov nurses close cooperation with regional governments across the region.






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