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Authorities of the Murmansk region banned drones

From February 20, only officials or organizations will be able to use drones in the Murmansk region.
January 26, 2023


Using drones will be banned in the Murmansk region from February 20. It is reported by the “Arctic Observer”, who references to the project of resolution of the governor Andrei Chibis.

According to the article, the ban was initiated by the Ministry of Regional Security. Only federal and regional authorities, regional departments, as well as organizations in agreement with authorities, will be able to launch drones.

The ban implements the measures established by the decree of the President of Russia in October 2022. By this decree, Vladimir Putin set a “basic readiness regime” in most Russian regions, and also gave governors the right to make decisions “on taking measures to protect the population and territories from natural and man-made emergencies”.



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