No queue at Storskog checkpoint in February. Traffic continues down. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Traffic continues decline across border

February was not a crowded month at the Russian-Norwegian border.
March 02, 2016


16,544 border crossings were counted at Storskog checkpoint, shows the February statistics from the Norwegian police. That is down 4,33 percent compared with the same month 2015, and comes on top of the 27,5 percent drop from February 2014.

Nearly one third of all border crossings at Storskog are by people traveling under the visa waiver regime, allowing local residents on both sides of the Norwegian-Russian border to visit each other’s country without holding a regular visa.

“34,934 border crossings are counted at Storskog so far this year, a decline by 5,47 percent compared with the same period in 2015,” says Chief of Police at Storskog border check point Stein Kristian Hansen.



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