Valentina Matvienko and Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun. Photo:

Cross-border cooperation is the way to go, Valentina Matvienko says in Murmansk

Leader of the Federation Council believes Murmansk has a key role to play in relations with western neighbors.
October 06, 2016


«In times of external pressure on Russia, the border regions can do a lot to develop constructive interaction with foreign partners», Matvienko said as she visited Murmansk this week, RIA Novosti reports.

«This relates also to Murmansk, which borders with countries both from the EU and Nato», the parliament speaker underlined with reference to Finland and Norway.

«I call on the leaders of the region to energetically develop new international contacts, attract investments, develop humanitarian cooperation. Your geographical situation is an objective competitive advantage, which must be wisely exploited to bolster cooperation».

The speaker in the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, was in Murmansk as part of the city’s 100-years anniversary this week.

Murmansk share borders with both Finland and Norway and is engaged in a wide range of cross-border activities with both countries. The region is also a key stakeholder in the Barents Euro-Arctic Cooperation.


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