FSB border guards. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

FSB makes arrests on border to Norway

Russian border guards have detained two individuals that allegedly tried to make it illegally across the border to Norway.
May 30, 2019


The two people, both of them citizens of Iraq, were detained as they were making an attempt to cross into the nearby neighboring country. None of the detainees had needed travel documents and both were caught in the wilderness, away from the border-crossing point, news agency SeverPost reports.

The violation of the border regime triggered a special operation by Karelian border guards on duty in the area.

The Iraqis, both in their late 20s, have been charged by Russian prosecutors and could face up to two years of prison.

There have over the last years been a number of sporadic attempts to illegally cross the 198 km long border between Russia and Norway. However, none of them appear to have succeeded.

In fall 2015, a wave of as many as 5,500 migrants crossed the border between the countries, making it from the Russian border town of Nikel to Kirkenes, Norway.



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