Vladimir Putin arrives in Murmansk. Photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin arrived to Murmansk

July 20, 2023


Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived to Murmansk on Thursday evening, July 20, the Kremlin informs. He started his visit at Novatek’s Kola Yard in Belokamenka, the plant that builds gravity-based structures for LNG projects in the Arctic.

On site to meet the president was regional Governor Andrei Chibis, Novatek CEO Leonid Mikhelson and Northwest Russian Presidential Representative Aleksandr Gutsan.

Putin’s visit to Murmansk comes against the backdrop of escalating relations between Russia and the West, particularly NATO countries. Over the past year, the Alliance has grown with a new member, Finland, and now Sweden is preparing to join NATO.

The last time Putin visited Murmansk region was for the Russian Navy Day in 2014. Murmansk region is home to Russia’s Northern fleet with several submarine bases on the coast to the Barents Sea.



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