Propaganda-voice Maria Zakharova is the Foreign Ministry's spokesperson. Photo: Atle Staalesen

Moscow blames Finland, West for border issues

The Kremlin official claimed it is possible that the “collective West” is urging migrants to leave Russia for Finland.
January 14, 2024


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova commented on the situation at the Finnish-Russian border during a press conference on Friday.

“There have been 415 cases [of asylum seekers crossing the border] recorded at the checkpoints in southeastern Finland, after Finland decided to close them in the first place. It is clear that this is not an uncontrolled flow of migrants from Russia,” Zaharova said.

She added that the situation at the Finnish border is a sign of double standards or a lack of standards.

Zaharova further stated that it is possible the “collective” Western nations are encouraging asylum seekers to leave Russia and head to Finland.

She also noted that the migrants come from other countries, such as Somalia, Syria and Yemen.


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