Chief Editor of Dagbladet John Arne Markussen with Thomas Nilsen and Atle Staalesen from the Barents Observer. Photo: Hans Arne Vedlog / Dagbladet

Barents Observer starts cooperation with Dagbladet

It gives us a new solid partner and enables us to reach out to bigger audiences in Norway, says Editor Thomas Nilsen as the newspaper signs a cooperation deal with one of the biggest media houses in the country.
March 04, 2018

«We have found a good partner», says Nilsen. «The independent journalism of Dagbladet fits us very well.»

The two newsmakers now join efforts on news about the north.

«For us, this is an opportunity to be more visible among Norwegian readers,» Nilsen says.

The Barents Observer has since 2003 delivered news about the Barents region and the Arctic in English and Russian. The agreement with Dagbladet includes publication of Barents Observer stories also in Norwegian.

With the cooperation, Dagbladet strengthens its coverage of the North.

«The Arctic in general and the Barents region in specific - including our relationship with Russia - is important for Norway and our readers», says Chief Editor of Dagbladet John Arne Markussen.


He underlines that the Barents Observer staff has high editorial skills, a big network of contacts and interesting partnerships with other media in the High North and around the world.

«The Barents Observer has repeatedly displayed that it through insight and sources has comprehensive knowledge, for example about nuclear power and sources of radioactive contamination in the Kola Peninsula,» Markussen says.