Rainy streets of Rovaniemi, northern Finland. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Finland’s temperatures 2-3 degrees warmer than usual in February

February was milder than usual across Finland, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).
March 03, 2023


The biggest deviations from average temperatures were measured in Ostrobothnia and Lapland, where the mercury rose about three degrees Celsius above the normal average for February.

Average temperatures during the month ranged from around the freezing point in the Finnish Archipelago to about -9 degrees in central and northern Lapland.

The lowest temperature measured last month was a bone-chilling -33.4 degrees Celsius at the Lompolonvuoma observation station in Kittilä, Finnish Lapland, on 22 February.

Finland’s average temperatures were also milder than usual last month.

For example, January was the third-warmest on record in the Ostrobothnian municipality of Kronoby.

Western areas also saw less snowfall in February than normal, according to FMI.



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