Severomorsk is home to the Russian Northern Fleet's headquarters. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

COVID-19 spikes in Severomorsk as Russia sets single-day record for new infections

With 28 new cases on Tuesday, the Russian Northern Fleet's headquarters base now has reached 1,579 confirmed coronavirus infections.
October 13, 2020


COVID-19 cases continue to spike all over Russia. A new single-day record was set on Tuesday with 13,868 cases, bringing the official number up to 1,326,178. This is the third time over the last week that the number of daily new infections are nearing 14,000.

Russia’s health authorities could also inform about 244 deaths caused by COVID-19, the highest death toll since the outbreak of the pandemic.

In Murmansk Oblast, a region with about 700,000 inhabitants, 150 new cases were confirmed on October 13, the operational headquarters for fighting the coronavirus informs. In the region as such, the total number of cases is now 16,629. That figure includes the cases at Belokamenka, Novatek’s huge construction site by the Kola Bay north of Murmansk.

In Severomorsk, 28 new infections were counted, bringing the total number in the closed military town up to 1,579. No public information is provided about any possible cases among crew members sailing on ships or submarines of the powerful Northern Fleet.

Severomorsk now has the second highest number of COVID-19 infections among the cities in the Murmansk region. 

Murmansk City saw 74 new cases, bringing the official number of cases up to 9,398.

In Pechenga Rayon, bordering both Finland and Norway, the total number of confirmed cases is by Tuesday 653. Pechenga is home to several military bases for both the 200th Motorized Infantry Brigade and the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade, both part of the Northern Fleet.


919 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 in the Murmansk region. Three patients died of coronavirus the last day. Since the start of the pandemic, 237 people have died, according to the official information published by the regional authorities. 



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