Photo: Press Service of the Northern Fleet

No complications, says Northern Fleet after vaccinated 10,000 servicemen

Russia's Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine was one of the first in the world to be approved with a roll out in full swing within the country's military units.
February 16, 2021


Crew on nuclear submarines were first to receive the vaccine last fall. By mid-February, more than 10,000 Northern Fleet personnel are vaccinated, a number that will increase by about 1,000 daily in the weeks to come, the press service of the Northern Fleet in Severomorsk informs.

There are no cases of complications or intolerance to the Sputnik V Covid vaccine, the press service adds.

Before injection, military personnel have to follow strict rules. No alcohol, no intense sports or strenuous physical activity. Also, the servicemen are required to avoid exposure to extremely high and low temperatures in a period of five days after vaccination. In other words, no sauna or ice-swimming.

The second shot is given exactly three weeks after the first dose.

After submariners and crew on surface warships sailing long-lasting voyages, priority were given to medial workers at the navy hospitals.

This week, servicemen at the ground and coastal forces, air force and air defense units are in line for the vaccine.

Mobile vaccination teams are formed with doctors and paramedics of the Northern Fleet. The vaccine is received and stored at the main navy hospital in Severomorsk before distributed in special refrigerators to the navy bases on the Kola Peninsula, like Polyarny, Zaozyorsk, Vidyayevo and Gadzhiyevo.


Russia crosses 4 million cases

As of February 16, a total of 45,513 confirmed coronavirus infections are officially counted in Murmansk region, up 143 the last day. Severomorsk have 4,234 cases, Vidyayevo 105, Polyarny 21 and Zaozorsk three cases, according to the Vkontakte page tracking the outbreak in the region.

830 people are currently receiving treatment in hospital. The death toll in Murmansk region is now 892, according to the official statistics published by the operational headquarters dealing with the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Russia confirmed 13,233 new cases and 459 deaths, bringing the accumulated number of coronavirus cases up to 4,099,323 and 80,979 deaths.




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