Hammerfest, Norway sees sharp spike in cases of COVID-19

"We do not have this under control," said mayor Marianne Sivertsen Næss in an online press conference as Norway’s northernmost town imposed a full lockdown.
May 22, 2021


154 patients infected with COVID-19 are over the last few days registered in Hammerfest, while at least 15 others related to the same outbreak have tested positive in the northern municipalities of Karasjok, Tromsø, Alta and Kirkenes.

“We expect many more, we do not have this under control,” the Hammerfest mayor said. The municipality is working hard to follow-up close contacts of infected persons. About 1,000 people (10% of the population) are now quarantined.

Schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, retail, bars and restaurants, sports halls, the swimming pool, and the library are all closed. We are on red alert, mayor Sivertsen Næss said.

The outbreak has likely been going on for more than a week before the alarm bell was triggered caused the virus to spread. Those who have symptoms or have tested positive for COID-19 are mainly youth, in the age of around 20.

Local health service will work all weekend with testing and tracking.

Northernmost Norway is the part of the country that until now in the pandemic has recorded the fewest positive test results.

Hammerfest is Norway’s northernmost town. Photo: Thomas Nilsen





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