Raid in Pechenga hospital. Photo:

Russian investigators find a vaccine swindler near border to Norway

According to the Investigative Committee in Murmansk, a medical doctor from the town of Pechenga has made a number of fake listings in the Russian COVID-19 vaccine registry.
January 11, 2022


Officers from the Investigative Committee and the FSB this week took action against the hospital physician from the far norther town located only few kilometers from Norway. In a carefully staged show of resolve, the law enforcement representatives searched through the office premises of the local doctor.

Video footage presented by the Investigative Committee and shared by a number local media, show at least six officers examining documents and other possible evidence on site.

Reportedly, the man who is now charged, got more than 60.000 rubles (€707) of bribes for fake listings in the Russian federal vaccine registry. He is also suspected of having engaged in other crimes, including the issuing of various fake medical certificates, the Investigative Committee informs.



The doctor from Pechenga is not the only Russian charged with vaccine swindle. After the authorities started to request vaccine certificates for access to various services, a black market for certificate industry emerged. Fake documents are now available online and on social media like Telegram.


In mid-2021, a journalist from Baza in detail showed how Russians obtain fake vaccine certificates, as well as listings in the vaccine registry, for about 10,000 rubles (€118). The fake registrations are completely similar to real registrations, the journalist reported.

Only medical staff have access to the federal registry.

According to statistics, only about 46 percent of the Russian population is now fully vaccinated with at least two jabs. In Murmansk, the number of vaccinated individuals totals more than 342,000. That is about 74 percent of the plan, regional Governor Andrei Chibis announced this week.

Infection rates in Murmansk have over the last weeks been relatively low, and about 110 new daily cases are now revealed.

In total, more than 90,300 cases of coronavirus have been registered in the Murmansk region since the start of the pandemic. Death rates by mid January exceed 2800, regional health authorities inform.

Murmansk Oblast has a population of about 730,000.





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