Murmansk harbour. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Spring cleaning in Kola Bay

Murmansk allocates 50 million rubles to have shipwrecks removed from Kola Bay.
April 18, 2016

Russia has during the last twenty years done a lot to clean Kola Bay, the fjord that runs along the town of Murmansk, and which for many years was used as a graveyard for old naval vessels, fishing boats and other ships. Now the regional government in Murmansk has decided that the time has come to enter the finishing stages of the project.

Fifty million rubles (€666,56) have been allocated from the Federal budget to clean the bay of shipwrecks and other junk in 2016-2017, the regional government’s website reads.

The first step of the project is an inventory of all sunken vessels in the bay, a mapping of what dangers they pose to the environment and navigation in the area, and assessments of the possibility of having vessels lifted from the sea bottom.

Rosatom’s daughter company RosRAO will carry out the work in cooperation with the Northern Fleet’s Regional Environmental Center .


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