No snow on December 1, 2016 after a very dry November. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Black streets in Tromsø

Heavy snowfall is a normal feature in Tromsø. But this is how it looks like on December 1st this year.
December 01, 2016


Climate in the Arctic is totally out of balance by the start of the winter season.  Also in Tromsø, Norway’s largest city north of the Arctic Circle.

Downtown Christmas decorations in Storgata are lighted, but there is no snow-cover in the street to mirror the red-light decorations. Black asphalt provides little Christmas spirit. 

Weather data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute shows an unusual dry November with less than one third of normal precipitation. 30.3 mm compared with normal precipitation of 108 mm. Some snow came in the last days of November, but little of that is visible in the centre.

Average temperature for November was 0.1 °C, 1.2 °C above the normal.


Climate Crisis

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