Midnight sun i Lapland. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Heat wave under the midnight sun

30 °C at 70 ° North in Finnmark this week.
July 13, 2018


Banak airport, Lakselv in Porsanger had 30,1 °C on Thursday July 12th. That is hot to be at the 70th parallel north. The unusual warm weahter is part of an intense heat wave currently over northern Scandinavia and Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Average July temperature for Lakselv is 12,7 °C.

Also other places far inside the Arctic Circle have seen temperatures reaching 30 °C, like in Utsjok in Finnish Lapland. Kirkenes, on Norway’s Barents Sea coast had 28 °C on Thursday and Murmansk in Russia measured 27,8 °C. Rovaniemi, home to Santa Claus, enters this weekend with 28 °C.

The entire inner part of northern Scandinavia is experiencing temperatures 5 to 10 °C higher than average for July. Anomaly heat is set to continue for at least the next couple of days, the forecast from Norway’s Meteorological Institute can tell.

The hole of Norway, Sweden and Finland has experienced a very hot summer. Only exception is the coastal areas of Northern Norway, like Troms and Nordland.

Red, hot, Arctic Europe. Temperatures on July 12th. Map: meteociel.fr



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