Low sun, freezing cold in Finnmark the last day of October. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

October temperatures dip to coldest in decade across northernmost Europe

Global warming, regional cooling: -27 °C on Finnmarksvidda is extreme to be October. The county of Troms and Finnmark had several places with average temperature 2 to 4 degrees Celsius below normal for the month.
November 01, 2019


All of Norway was way colder than normal in October, but especially so in the northernmost regions, the country’s Meteorological Institute reports.

Norway as such saw a 1,4 °C below average temperature, the coldest for the month since 2009 and 2003. Up north, the frost was more severe.      

The -27,2 °C was measures at Suolovuopmi-Lulit in Kautokeino and Cuivddatmohkki in Karasjok on October 28th.

In easternmost Finnmark, kids had a Halloween freezing cold with -19 °C in Kirkenes on October 31st.

The last day of October was also cold in northern Finland. Inari had a temperature down to -26 °C, YLE Sapmi reports.


Sergey Arzumanov (middle) with a happy group of Asian tourists outside Murmansk. Photo: Sergey Arzumanov / Facebook



Murmansk, Russia’s largest city above the Arctic Circle, had a day temperature of -16 °C. 

Last night was down to -26 °C, local tourist guide Sergey Arzumanov tells to the Barents Observer.

“It was great. I was with a group of Asian tourists and we had a marvelous experience under the Northern Lights. Cold yes, but beautiful and spectacular,” Arzumanov says.

November started even colder than October ended in Murmansk. Day temperature on Friday was -20,3 °C, news online Severpost reports. This is the coldest ever measured in Murmansk on November 1st. The last all time low on this date in 1926. 

In a few weeks, the sun will be under the horizon for the polar night season inside the Arctic Circle. 


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