Yes to clear air, says one of the posters on display in this week's eco protest in Arkhangelsk. Photo: Environmental Group 42

Silent climate protest in Arkhangelsk

One after another, four young environmental activists lined up in front of the local government building.
February 26, 2020


No load shouting or noisy beat. Just silent protest and calls for enhanced attention to serious environmental problems.

Four young people this week one after another found their place in front of the regional government building in downtown Arkhangelsk, the north Russian city.

The protest was organized by local environmental group «42» and was held as part of the global Fridays for Future movement, the group says on its social media website.

With overarching global focus, the protest posters pinpointed local problems in the northern Russian region. Among them the planned building of a garbage incinerator in the region.

In a comment to news journal 7x7, protest participant Anastasia Kochneva underlines that local air quality problems is aggravating.

«In the Russian Constitution it is written that every citizen has the right to breath in clear air, but cars, thermal electric stations and boilers still worsen the air quality,» she underlines.

«It negatively affects people’s health,» she says.


The Fridays for Future movement is initiated by Greta Thunberg. In Russia, the movement has a total of 18 regional units, the movement’s Russian website says.


Climate Crisis

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