Tanker "Shturman Albanov" picks up 34,000 tons of oil at Novy Port. Photo: Sovcomflot.ru

Sovcomflot delivers first Yamal oil in Murmansk

A brand new Arctic tanker loaded with oil from Novy Port enters the Kola Bay. «It is a landmark event», Sovcomflot CEO Sergey Frank says.
September 23, 2016


The «Shturman Albanov», Sovcomflot’s new ice-class tanker, this week successfully made it to Murmansk with 34,000 tons of oil. It is the shipping company’s first shipment from Novy Port, the new oil field in the Yamal Peninsula. 

The oil was loaded into the «Umba», the terminal tanker stationed in the Kola Bay.

The «Shturman Albanov» had picked up the oil at Gazprom Neft’s terminal installation placed in the Gulf of Ob. The terminal, officially named the Arctic Gate, is situated in the middle of the Gulf of Ob, about 3,5 km off the banks of the Yamal Peninsula. The 80 meter high facility, which is connected by pipeline to project infrastructure at Cape Kamenny on the bank of the peninsula, has capacity to handle 8,5 million tons of oil per year.

«Sovcomflot is proud of its participation in Gazprom Neft’s unique project – the development of the Novy Port oil and gas condensate field,» Sergey Frank says in a press release.

«Our new tankers will enable the year-round transportation of oil from the estuary of Ob for the first time in history», the company leader underlines.

The «Shturman Albanov» is the lead ship in a series of Arctic shuttle tankers ordered by Sovcomflot Group under a long-term contract with Gazprom Neft.

The ship, which has top ice protection classification Arc7, was put on the water in March this year. It has a deadweight of 38,000 tons and is able to break through 1,8 meter thick ice. It is the first of six Arc7 vessels currently built for the company by Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries. 


When all the six tankers are taken into operation, they will together be capable of bringing about 450,000 tons of oil per month from Novy Port.


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