Takeoff for Murmansk Airport. Photo: Atle Staalesen

1 billion ruble facelift for Murmansk Airport

«It will meet the most modern standards of safety and comfort», airport Director Andrey Osipov says.
October 12, 2016


The upgrade includes the construction of a new terminal building next to the current facility, Osipov told the press. Construction is due to start in 2018, B-Port reports.

New procedures for handling passenger registration and luggage will be introduced along with comfortable waiting facilities. «It will meet all modern standards for safety and comfort», he underlined.

The project has a cost frame of up to one bilion rubles (€14,5 million).

The upgrade comes after the airport was privatized in March this year. A 38 percent state-controlled stake was acquired by Rivoli, a company associated with Novaport.

The Murmansk Airport in 2015 had a 12,6 percent passenger growth. According to the airport website, a total of 751,258 passengers used the airport. In 2006, only 254,000 passengers passed through the Murmansk airport.


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