Finnair will next winter take-off to Lapland from Paris, London, Frankfurt and Zürich. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Finnair adds four new direct flights from Europe to Lapland

Lack of snow on continental Europe gives boost in air-traffic to northern Finland.
January 27, 2017


London to Ivalo twice a week is one of four new direct flights the Finnish flag carrier launches to Lapland next winter.

With the new routes, Finnair follows the paths of other airliners in Scandinavia and Europe that starts new direct winter flights to the snowy wilderness of Lapland. Earlier in January, Barents Observer reported about a wide range of new direct flights to the Barents Region following the boost in winter tourism.

In addition to London, Finnair launches routes from Zürich, Frankfurt and Paris to the three  airports in Lapland. Kittilä airport, serving the ski resort in Levi, will be connected with Frankfurt, Paris and Zürich with one weekly flight throughout the winter season from December to March.

“There is increased interest towards Finland and especially Lapland as tourist destinations, and we are excited to be able to offer non-stop flights to Lapland from key European cities,” says Juha Järvinen, Chief Commercial Officer of Finnair.

In addition to direct flights from Europe, Lapland gets four more weekly flights to both Ivalo and Kittilä from Helsinki. Rovaniemi gets three more weekly flights from the Finnish capital.

Levi ski resort is a popular destination for Europeans looking for snow and real winter. Photo: Thomas Nilsen





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