New Murmansk plant to build modules new Arctic LNG projects. Photo:

Novatek will build 25 billion rubles plant in Murmansk, regional minister confirms

It is to stand ready in 2020 and deliver key components for the company’s projected Arctic LNG plants.
March 29, 2017


«The large-capacity plant which includes more than 25 billion rubles (€400 million) investments, will help create thousands of jobs and attract high-qualified personnel», regional Minister of Economic Development Yelena Tikhonova says to TASS.

The new plant will be built near Belokamenka, the settlement on the western bank of the Kola Bay. It is projected by Kola Yard, a subsidiary of Novatek.

The project is now in a so-called pre-investment phase. If everything goes according to plan, the plant will be ready for operations in year 2020. Construction could start already this year, regional authorities say.

The Murmansk plant will produce key elements for Novatek’s new grand Arctic project, the Arctic LNG-2. That includes steel and concrete modules, drilling rigs and platforms.

The Arctic LNG-2 is planned built in the Gydan Peninsula, along the coast of the Gulf of Ob. It is likely to be based on a floating solution designed for the shallow waters of the area. 

The gas plant will take use of the resources of the nearby Salmanovskoye and Geofizicheskoye fields.


The Arctic LNG-2 will be located near the Yamal LNG, Novatek’s gas project which is to come into production later this year.


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