The Luleå sea port. Photo:

Port development will make Luleå big in north Scandinavian shipping

More than €310 million of investments will make the port capable of handling up to four times bigger ships and capture a share of the extensive regional shipments of ore.
April 21, 2017


A court decision this week paves the way for the launch of a grand north Swedish port development project. The so-called Malmporten project includes dredging in the waters leading to the city of Luleå and port development on the city waterfront. 

This will make the local port to an important infrastructure object in the whole Baltic Sea region and an attractive alternative to the Norwegian port of Narvik for out shipments of iron ore from mining giant LKAB, regional newsmaker Affarer i Norr reports.

Currently, the port on the Botnia Bay coast only handles ships with a deadweight up to 55,000 tons. In few years, up to 160,000 tons vessel can enter the Luleå port, the Swedish Maritime Administration informs.

The project is supported by the EU and will cost 3 billion SEK (€311 million). Construction works are due to start this year.


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