Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Transport hub on Medvedev’s agenda in Murmansk

The Prime Minister visits the port of Murmansk for assessment of Russia’s Arctic infrastructure developments.
April 21, 2017


Dmitry Medvedev is in Murmansk together with Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. 

Murmansk Transport Hub, including new roads, railway, ports and other facilities on the west side of the Kola Bay is one of the biggest infrastructure projects unfolding in Russia, and by far the largest in the Arctic.

On Friday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Murmansk to oversee the progress, the Government’s portal tells. 

A 41.5 billion rubles (€560 million) costly railway is currently under construction from south of Murmansk towards Lavna. The 28 kilometers long railway will give a strong boost for cargo capacity out of Murmansk, Russia’s most important port to Arctic waters.

Murmansk is an important hub for reloading of coal, oil, fish, metals and other cargo from the European part of Russia. Ice free year around, it will also serve as the main gateway for the Northern Sea Route to Asia.

Murmansk coal harbour is next to the city centre. Photo: Thomas Nilsen


After official businesses in Murmansk, the Russian Prime Minister on Saturday goes for downhill skiing to Kirovsk further south on the Kola Peninsula, regional newspaper Murmanski Vestnik reports. 


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