The smelters for copper and nickel in Monchegorsk. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Nickel and copper production up sharply in Monchegorsk

Production moved from Taimyr Peninsula to Kola Peninsula following the closure of the nickel plant in Norilsk.
August 07, 2017


In Monchegorsk, productions of salable nickel is up 38% year-on-year from first half of 2016 to first half of 2017, the company informs. 74,568 tons of nickel was produced at the factory in Monchegorsk from January to June this year.

The plant in Monchegorsk receives now receives nickel matte from both the smelter in Nikel on the Kola Peninsula and from the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant in Norilsk. The matte from Norilsk is shipped via the port of Dudinka to Murmansk and transported further by train to Monchegorsk.

A smaller amount of matte is also sent from Nornickel’s subsudaries in Finland and South-Africa

Copper production in Monchegorsk is up 43% and amounted to 39,201 tons the first six months of 2017. Copper production takes place both on the Kola Peninsula and in Norilsk. Production in Norilsk is nearly four times higher than at the factory in Monchegorsk.

The smelters in Monchegorsk also produces palladium and platinum, two metals of which half the world’s production is used in catalytic converters reducing harmful gases from vehicle engines. The two expensive metals are also used in fuel cells and different electronics.

Palladium production is up 113% and platinum is up 144% from first six months 2016 to same period 2017.


The old nickel smelter in Norilsk was shutdown in 2016. Photo: Thomas Nilsen



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