ENI Norge's office building in Hammerfest, northern-Norway. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

ENI drills dry in Barents Sea

Wildcat drilling with hope to find more oil near the Goliat field failed.
September 27, 2017


ENI Norge is now plugging the well that was drilled about 10 kilometers southwest of the Goliat field off Norway’s Arctic coastline.

The drilling, which by the Italian oil company ENI is named Goliat Eye, was done to investigate possible extra reserves of oil in the area where the currently only operational oil-production in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea takes place.

«The well is classified as dry,» the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate reports.

Drilled with Scarebo 8 platform, the well turned out to be yet another disappointment for the oil industry in the Barents Sea. Earlier, Statoil has found little oil at at the company’s test-drillings this season.

Goliat is a floating, production, storage and off-loading unit (FPSO). Photo: Thomas Nilsen



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