Offshore Arctic platform Prirazlomnaya prepares for doubling of production

By year 2020, the installation in the Pechora Sea will boost annual oil production to five million tons.
March 19, 2018


It is Russia’s only offshore Arctic oil platform and it in 2017 extracted a total of 2,6 million tons, operator company Gazprom Neft Shelf informs. In 2018, production will increase to 3,6 million tons and in 2020, the Prirazlomnaya will reach its target production of about five million tons.

Operator Gazprom Neft Shelf, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, in the course of 2017 drilled another four production wells, as well as one so-called discharge well.

There are now a total of eight production wells, four discharge well as well as one absorption well in operation, the company informs in a press release.

By 2020, the total number of wells will be increased to 20.

The Prirazlomnoye field holds a total of 70 million tons of oil. Extracted oil is shipped by ice-class tankers to the «Umba», a 300,000 ton tanker located in the Kola Bay, near the city center of Murmansk.

Since the Prirazlomnoye came into production late 2013, a total of 5,9 million tons of oil has been shipped from the production site in the Pechora Sea to Murmansk. It is part of a quickly growing Russian Arctic oil shipping scheme. In addition to the Prirazlomnaya oil, there are increasing volumes of liquid hydrocarbons shipped from Gazprom Neft’s Novy Port field in Yamal and Lukoil’s Varandey terminal on the Nenets coast.



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