Train running on the Yamal railway. Photo:

Gazprom orders 24 LNG locomotives for Arctic railway

They will be environmentally friendly and far cheaper to use, the company says.
May 28, 2018

It is the Sinara Transport Machines, a Russian company based in Yekaterinburg, which will build and deliver the new locomotives. They will be used on Gazprom’s railway line in the Yamal Peninsula.

According to the deal, which was signed during last week’s St.Petersburg Economic Forum, the Sinara Group will provide for the serial production of locomotives running on liquified natural gas (LNG). By year 2024, a total of 10 locomotives with 1,200 horse powers and 14 with about 2,000 horsepowers will be delivered, Gazprom informs.

According to the Sinara Group, the machines will be able to pull up to 8,200 tons of cargo. They are more environmentally friendly than conventional locomotives and can help the operator reduce up to 40 percent in fuel costs.

It is Gazprom subsidiary GazpromTrans, which operates the 572 km long Yamal railway between the stations of Obskaya and Karskaya. The line could in the future be extended to nearby Kharasavey, as well as Sabetta on the northeastern tip of the Yamal Peninsula.

It is the world’s northernmost railway. It  was opened in 2011 in connection with Gazprom’s development of the grand gas field Bovanenkovo. It today constitutes a key part of the company’s logistics schemes in the area. The line ends in the station of Karskaya, a point located on 70° north. It includes five stations and 12 double track sections. There are 70 bridges with a total length of 12 km.