Tankers serving the Novy Port oil field ship account for the biggest volumes on the NSR. Photo: Sovcomflot

80% increase on Northern Sea Route

A total of 9,95 million tons of goods have so far this year been shipped to and from ports on the Northern Sea Route.
August 28, 2018


It is an increase of 81 percent, Deputy Head of Russian state agency Rosmorrechflot reveals in an interview with PortNews. By 24th August, a total of 9,95 millions of goods had been shipped on the route, compared with 5,5 million ton in the same period in 2017.

It was the Novy Port project in the Yamal Peninsula that accounted for the biggest part of the goods. A total of 4,35 million tons of oil were shipped from the oil terminal in the period. The port of Sabatta accounted for the second biggest share with its 3,95 million tons of LNG shipped out.

A total of 600 ships entered the waters of the Northern Sea Route in the period, of them 64 carrying foreign flags. The Northern Sea Route includes the areas between the Novaya Zemlya in the west to the Bering Strait in the east.

Data from the Northern Sea Route Administration show that there on the 24th August were a total of 81 ships located in the waters of the Arctic seaway. Most of them were located in the area around the Yamal Peninsula. There were also oil tankers and LNG carriers shipping across the eastern part of the route towards the Pacific Ocean.


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