The "Prospekt Gagarina" is Sovcomflot's first LNG-powered oil tanker. Sister ship "Prospekt Lomonosov" in late October made its maiden voyage through the Northern Sea Route. Photo: Sovcomflot

Russia’s new LNG-powered tanker sails across Northern Sea Route

Shipping company Sovcomflot tests its brand new fuel-friendly oil tanker in tough Arctic waters.
October 30, 2018


Shortly after its delivery from Korean shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries, new oil tanker «Lomonosov Prospekt» set course towards northern waters with its first shipment of oil.

The vessel is part of Sovcomflot’s new fleet of LNG-powered oil tankers. It is now about to complete its voyage across the Russian Arctic shipping route, information from the Northern Sea Route Administration shows.

The 113 thousand ton deadweight ship is expected to pass the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya on Wednesday and subsequently sail towards Norwegian Arctic waters. It has its end destination in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The vessel was delivered by the Korean shipyard on 3rd The first ship of the class, the «Prospekt  Gagarina», already on 22th October made it to Rotterdam, the company informs.

It is the world’s first ever Aframax-class tanker fueled by LNG. Already by mid-2019, the company will have a fleet of seven tankers of the kind.

They are all built in South Korea. However, later more vessels of the class will be built by new Russia shipyard Zvezda in Vladivostok. Sovcomflot earlier this year placed an order on two new tankers of the class in the yard, the company informs.


The two latest vessels will both operate for Rosneft, the Russian oil company that is instrumental in the development of the Zvezda yard.


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