Photo: Thomas Nilsen

More wind-power plans for northern Finland

50 new 350 meters high windmills could come to Kitkiäisvaara on the Finnish side of the Torne River.
February 26, 2020

It is the wind power company TuuliWatti that are planning to expand its existing wind farm north of Tornio in the Finnish-Swedish border area, repports business online Affärer i Norr  which is quoting Haparandabladet.

The 50 large wind mills are to be erected in an 100 km2 large area.

More windmills do not please tourism actors on the Swedish side of the Torneo border river.

 “How are we supposed to sell untouched wilderness to our German guests that come here to avoid disturbed nature like they have at home,” said Gunhild Stensmyr, interviewed by Haparandabladet. She runs the Art Hotel in the area.