Up to ten Chinese vessels will in 2024 sail from Shanghai to Arkhangelsk across the Northern Sea Route. Photo: Atle Staalesen

Ahead of Putin's meetings with Xi, North Russian Governor Aleksandr Tsybulsky talked Arctic shipping in Chinese port

During his visit to the port city of Dalian, Governor of Arkhangelsk Aleksandr Tsybulsky called on Chinese shippers to set course for the Northern Sea Route.
May 16, 2024


Only one day before the talks between Russian ruler Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping, the governor of the north Russian region met with local authorities in the Chinese port city of Dalian, the Russian version of the Barents Observer reports.

Relations between Russia and China are constantly strengthening thanks to the efforts of the two country’s state leaders, Governor Tsybulsky underlined during the visit.


Arkhangelsk Governor Aleksandr Tsybulsky met with Mayor of Dalian Chen Shaowang. Photo: Tsybulsky on Telegram


“We are acting on the regional level with regard to economic and humanitarian issues, as well as in questions regarding the development and strengthening of friendship between our peoples,” he said.

On top of the meeting agenda was logistics, port development, forest processing industry and energy, Tsybulsky explains on his Telegram channel.

Dalian is located on the Liaodong Peninsula, not far from North Korea, and is considered the financial, shipping, and logistics center for East Asia. The city was previously known as Port Arthur.


Tsybulsky wants more ships to sail on the Northern Sea Route, and called on shippers in Dalian to set course for the remote and icy Arctic waters.

“Our interest is to boost shipping volumes with Chinese port, among them Dalian,” he says in a statement. According to the governor, there is already a major increase in the number of ships sailing from Shanghai to Arkhangelsk across the far northern route. In the course of summer of 2024 up to 12 ships will sail from Shanghai to Arkhangelsk, he explains.

Arkhangelsk is located by the coast of the White Sea in Northwest Russia. It is increasingly seen as a hub for Russian Arctic shipping to China.

The development of the Arkhangelsk port is heavily supported by Russian federal authorities. In 2023, the Russian Arctic Commission and its leader  Yuri Trutnev announced a major development plan for the port infrastructure.

The development of the Arkhangelsk port comes as powerful investors are stepping up their engagement in the region. Among them is Andrei Patrushev, the youngest son of FSB chieftain Nikolai Patrushev.

In early 2023, Patrushev acquired a 10 percent stake in the Arkhangelsk Seaport.

Also Patrushev Senior, Nikolai, has a strong interest in Arkhangelsk. This week, the former head of the FSB and Secretary of the Russian Security Council was appointed aide to Vladimir Putin. Reportedly, he will be responsible for shipbuilding.



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