Tromsø airport has nearly 2 million passengers. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Air traffic down in Tromsø, up in Luleå, Oulu, Umeå and Bodø

Traffic slides in Tromsø, but all other airports in northern Scandinavia with more than one million annual passengers had a growth last year.
January 15, 2016


Despite fewer passengers, Tromsø airport is still the busiest. 1,9 million passengers is down 0,3 percent from peak records in 2014.

The other airport in northern Norway with more than one million passengers is Bodø. In addition to frequent direct flights to Oslo, both Bodø and Tromsø serve as hubs for Widerøe, Norway’s regional airliner flying to all smaller airports along the coast.

Bodø had 1,62 million passengers in 2015, up 2,9 percent from previous year, according to the statistics from Avinor, the state-owned company that operates most airports in Norway.

In Sweden, Luleå airport had 1,18 million passengers, up 3 percent from 2014, Swedavia reports. Umeå airport had 1,05 million passengers, slightly up from previous year.

In northern Finland, Oulu nearly made it to the one -million-passenger club with 982,723, up 2,3%, Finnavia informs. 

Unlike other airports in northern Scandinavia, the majority flying to and from Rovaniemi are on board international flights. The airport had six times more international passengers than domestic travellers last year.

On the national level, Norwegians are still the most frequent flyers in Europe. The total passenger volume was just over 50 million, down 0,2 percent from 2014. Sweden had the highest increase in air traffic, up 5 percent to 37,6 million passengers.


With an increase by 2 percent, passenger volumes in Finland was for the first time more than 20 million. 


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