Levi ski resort is near to Kittilä airport. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Lufthansa brings more skiers to Lapland

Direct flights to Kittilä from both Munich and Dusseldorf next winter season.
March 30, 2016


“Increased frequency of flights tells you that Lapland tourism products are working well and the word has spread. We embrace the new flight,” says Joni Sundelin, spokesperson for Finavia, Finland’s aviation authority in a press-release.

From next winter, Lufthansa adds another direct route to Kittilä, this time from Dusseldorf. From before, the German airliner operates direct flights from Munich to the ski-resort in Finnish Lapland.

Both routes will operate in the period from Christmas till March.

New routes to Kittilä will also be opened next winter season from Great Britain. Hufudstadsbladet reports that the airliner Monarch will start direct routes from both Manchester and London. 

Finnavia has invested heavily in tourism in Lapland in recent years. €35 million was spent on airports in northern Finland in 2014-2015, including expanded terminals in Ivalo and Kittilä.



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