Snow crab fishing vessel "Karla Faye" at anchor outside Kirkenes. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Russian crabber arrested in Kirkenes

Snow crab fisher “Karla Faye” will have to stay at port until an allegedly Hong Kong origin bill is paid.
May 27, 2016


Norwegian police officers entered the vessel and confiscated the passports of crewmembers as the District Court of Eastern Finnmark ordered the bailiff to arrest the Russian fishing vessel.

Karla Faye” sailed out from Murmansk in early May for catching crabs in the Barents Sea. The arrest happened when the vessel made port call to Kirkenes for supply and taking on board additional crew.

Karla Faye” stays anchored in the waters outside Kirkenes on Norway’s Barents Sea coast on Friday.

“The vessel is arrested due to a money claim,” says Communication Advisor Anders Stang Lund with the police to the Barents Observer. He says the boat will remain in arrest until the claim is paid. 

According to the Russian online newspaper Fishnet, the claim comes from a Hong Kong based firm. All 29 sailors on board are Russian citizens, many from the Far East.

The publication says FSB’s Border Guard Service, the Russian Consulate General in Kirkenes and the Embassy in Oslo are all informed of the arrest.

Over the last year, several crabbers from Russia’s Far East and the Baltics have sailed into the Barents Sea to participate in the fisheries for snow crab, a relatively new spices for European Arctic waters.  


The arrest of the crabber by the Norwegian police is top news in Russia’s Far East on Friday.  The online publication Kamchatka Fisher reports that a current conflict is going on between vessels sailing for a Kamchatka-based company and a Lithuanian company also out with vessels in the Barents Sea on snow crab fishing. 

Karla Faye” belongs to the company Kamchatka Fishing Yard. 

The two Lithuanian crabbers “Klaipeda” and “Karalius” at port in Honningsvåg, Norway. Photo: Thomas Nilsen



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