Construction of the Barents Center will start this summer. Illustration photo:

On the borderline, the emergence of the Barents Center

Local authorities give thumbs up for the construction of a major building complex on the border between Sweden and Finland.
July 06, 2016


The neighboring towns of Haparanda and Tornio take another step towards their complete melt-together as the development of the Barents Center is approved by both sides.

After numerous delays, the municipal council of Haparanda (Sweden) this week finally approved the construction plans for the new complex, Affärer i Nord reports. The Barents Center will include about 70 shops, a top modern high school and a hotel. It will be built on the borderline between the two countries.

Construction will start already this summer, company Concents confirms. The center is to be ready for opening in about two years.

Behind the project are Avalanche Capital AB och Iquity AB, both companies controlled by businessman Mikael Fahlander.


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